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Interturis S.A. Privacy Policy Statement

1. General Statement

Interturis S.A. (hereinafter "Interturis") is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its customers and users and pursuant to such policy, it will make every effort necessary to protect their privacy on the WEBSITE, www.interturis.com.ar, (hereinafter the WEBSITE).

This privacy policy exclusively applies to all the information offered to Interturis through its WEBSITE, and does not apply to the information offered to other companies or organizations or Websites linked to the WEBSITE. Interturis shall not be liable for the performance, contents of or for the information offered by any linked Website that you may access through the WEBSITE, therefore Interturis encourages you to carefully read the Privacy Policy of each site.

Considering that Interturis collects information through the WEBSITE, we encourage you to clearly understand our privacy policy, which governs the use of the information that we collect. This privacy policy statement discloses the type of information we collect, how we use it, and how it may be collected or modified.

2. General Information

When you visit the WEBSITE, our system automatically records information about how you make use of the WEBSITE through a "cookie". A cookie is a small file containing data that is stored on your computers hard drive when you visit certain web sites. A cookie file may contain information such as the user’s identity information used by the site to track the web pages by you visited. A cookie shall only contain information by you disclosed or submitted. A cookie shall not read data off your computer’s hard drive, or cookie files created by other sites. Interturis uses cookies to track online traffic statistics of the user when visiting certain pages on the WEBSITE. If you have set your browser to notify you before accepting a cookie, you will receive notice when a cookie is being left on your computer. You have the choice to set your browser to reject all cookies. You are not obliged to enable cookies in order to be able to use Interturis WEBSITE. If you elect to reject all cookies, certain services provided by the WEBSITE may not be available to you.

3. Specific Information about the User

In certain instances, Interturis has the possibility to collect personal information from you, such as your complete name, your post mail address, your electronic mail address, or your telephone number. Interturis needs this information for the purpose of the services provided through the WEBSITE.

Interturis represents and warrants to keep your personal information confidential, preventing third parties from accessing to it.

The holder of the personal information has the right to exercise the right of access to said information in a free way at intervals of not less than six months, unless he shows a legitimate interest to said purpose pursuant to what is established in section 14, subsection 3 of Act 25326.

The NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION [Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales], Controlling Body of Act 25326, has the power to deal with the complaints and claims made in relation to the violation of the rules on personal data protection.

4. Purposes of Retention of Personal information

Interturis shall retain the personal information collected from the user, including user’s attention service, network management, opinion polls among users, subscriptions, related-services offers and any other information interchange that may take place on the WEBSITE. Interturis shall use this information in order to gain a better understanding of the user so that to provide a better and more personalized service.

5. How Interturis May Use This Personal information

Interturis shall not be entitled to disclose the user’s personal information, or to share this personal identification information with any other company or organization without the prior consent of the user submitting such information (unless otherwise required by any applicable law or government request).

Interturis shall be entitled to use your personal information in order to gather demographic information of the users, and to disclose general and statistic market information about Interturis.

This demographic information shall always be disclosed dissociated from the user and shall never grant information about an individual user. The personal information that you submit to Interturis shall not be disclosed on individual basis to any third party other than Interturis. Interturis uses your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our WEBSITE.

In this sense, we do not share information about individual users with any other third parties or companies. However, as above indicated, we shall be entitled to share statistic information about the use of the WEBSITE with our WEBSITE members in order to adapt our contents to readers’ requirements, and to help our advertisers better understand the demographics of our audience.

Pursuant to Section 6, subsection C) of the Data Protection Act, Act 25326, Interturis S.A. notifies that data is stored in a SQL database complying with applicable safety standards, as well as encryption of passwords. The servers are under the ownership and responsibility of OSDE, Organización de Servicios Directos Empresarios, with legal address in Avenida Leandro N. Alem 1067, Piso 9°, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

6. Exceptions

Unless otherwise specified herein, Interturis shall be entitled to disclose certain personal information in good faith when it is believed that such disclosure is necessary to:

a) enforce the law, such as a search warrant, citation or judicial order;

b) fulfill any requirement of governmental or regulatory authority;

c) protect the rights, property or security of Interturis, of the users and of any other third party.

7. Children’s Privacy Protection

Considering that underage persons may not fully understand this Privacy Policy or its implications, neither may be able to make suitable decisions on the different options available to users, we encourage parents, guardians or adults supervising the children’s access to the WEBSITE to actively and carefully participate in and supervise their minor children’s activities on the Internet, the on-line services used by their children, the information to which they access, whether when they visit the WEBSITE or when visiting other third parties sites, and to instruct them on how to protect their own Personal Information while being on-line.

8. Notification of Changes

To show Interturis commitment to the protection of your personal information, in case any change to our WEBSITE Privacy Policy is made, we will notify you by posting such change on our WEBSITE, so as you can always be aware of the information we collect, how we can use this information, and whether we disclose it or not.

YOUR RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER – YOU CAN GET INFORMATION ON: http://www.buenosaires.gov.ar/areas/produccion/def_consumidor

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