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Web accessibility refers to the extent to which people can access website content irrespective of their technical, cognitive or physical abilities.

We have designed this website with some technical help to make it accessible to all people so that they can overcome any obstacles or barriers while attempting to navigate the website.

Accessibility Levels

W3C-WAI with Accessibility Guidelines for 1.0 Web Content proposes accessibility levels for a higher resolution in web-sites.

Code: Standard Compatibility.

The code used to create the web-site also affects accessibility levels. The content encoding and layout of our website have been developed to meet the requirements of the Principles of Accessible Web Design according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. (WCAG 1.0)

The markup language used is XHTML.

This site uses style sheets to separate and present content.

Access Keys

Most browsers support direct access to specific links by using certain combinations of keys (access keys) defined on the website. The access keys for this website are:

0 - Home

1 - About us

2 - Services

3 - Expertise

4 - Tourism in Argentina

5 - Contact

6 - Web accessibility (this page)

7 - Site map

The use of access keys is determined by the browser:

• Internet Explorer (ALT + Keyboard shortcut): ALT + keyboard shortcut select the link, but it is required to press ENTER to activate it.

• Mozilla Firefox 2 & 3 (ALT + SHIFT + Keyboard shortcut): In versions previous to 2.0 it was only used ALT. It can be configured by about:config

• Google Chrome 3 (ALT + Keyboard shortcut): Shortcuts were not implemented in versions of Chrome 2.x, but they are in current versions.

• Opera (SHIFT + ESC + Keyboard shortcut): SHIFT + ESC must be pressed before the shortcut. When those keys are unpressed, the browser shows a list with all the shortcuts available for the user.

• MacOS (CONTROL + Keyboard shortcut


Moreover, using two very simple actions, we offer the possibility to modify the display of the content and to adapt it to every need:

With the icons:Text size: larger Text size: smalleryou can modify the size of the text

And with the icon:Change contrast you can change the contrast

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